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tv   Ways of Grace  CSPAN  August 21, 2017 1:31am-2:42am EDT

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degree in the region. but at one point chicago business interest has the huge chunk from the royal danish of canada even now with these banks in the region. >> professor of african-american studies at ucla author of bakers and empire. booktv on c-span2. cook . >> this book has received
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great reviews and excellent read and is different and unique with many positive ways tell me what happens when you are still in the onside in front of the public and a police officer comes up you out of the clear blue is the view to the ground and handcuffed you and luckily it was recorded by a camera. where you thinking at that time?. >> it is a little strange how it works but three days earlier and have a website it was before twitter and instagram the person that runs it sends me that a fan mail or the e-mail i am interested and a friend from high school as a wrestler he
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used to playfully beat me up and a senior i feel had drifted the to the web site it's been 20 years that i just want to you to know that we were talking about you we are proud of you the very thing is going well and maybe we will run into again. i thought that was nice that hopefully i can get in touch them in three days later shaved head, muscular just like my friend from muscular starts running towards me. so if you watched the of video i have seen it a million times but i am actually smiling because what are the odds this guy found me three days later? i don't have time for it to see again before i am on the ground.
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that is not the way we used to joke or wrestle. then i realize how serious this was i am on the ground and scared with his knee in my back with the cuffs on me and said don't say a word in my mind immediately shift to what i see in the media corps of misunderstandings with police officers and what can happen in tragically. licet i of complying with a percent whatever you say i will do. he never said officer or n.y.p.d. or your under arrest he was telling me to shut my mouth. i had a feeling in the middle of midtown manhattan was not getting mugged so i assumed it was a police officer. i said i have a u.s. open credential in my back pocket
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is evidence i am not involved. he said we will see. that eventually finally the fifth officer identified me and said they made a mistake but it was shocking and it is funny how life works out of nova really thought they were coming after me i would have put up my arms to defend myself that i'd done that i have a feeling the results would have said worse i would not have had a bruise on my elbow and five that may be my head would have been slammed into the ground gore then put into the cop car of my brother was there or family or friends because he never said officer. my friends are crazy. then i don't know. so i think how lucky i have
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my was there by myself. >> some would have pushed it with the rage. why not you?. >> i tried to remain called and collected for the best solution but sometimes it works well also to be an athlete or the guy the this is something that happened to me at one the say anything in she said but did this happen to me? then immediately that brought tears to my eyes and what happened if it happened to her or my brother? they do not have the same voice that i do so i decided i will do something.
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because then that brought on rage. so i need to act and then go to the press so everything about this is not a of video my word is police officers those comments that they made they were investigating it was less than two minutes and not in handcuffs i don't play their superior officer because that is what they told them so there is no reason for them not to believe them. so having the video made it. >> how will sports bring us together? so well for
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inequality can be said chin equal playing field. to get the super bowl or major league baseball to have a respect. i made i agree with the people sabena might be political or cultural or religious but i have respect how we got there i know how much hard work that to a. there is always that bond with sports my five year-old could be shy and not know someone but then they do hopscotch together. so then to become personable that sports in general for
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me it was tennis, can create that friendship and partnership to get back camaraderie of working together. and calling penalties on yourself. >> on the flip side as the number one u.s. ranked tennis player, what is the athletes responsibility to the community?. >> by all the barrault that title for a little while but that responsibility that tennis is such an individual sport but be true to yourself. pfiffner like andrew agassi being a showman. you have to be yourself on the court.
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that is what i talk about in the book if it pushes you arbors issue is a passion and and what effect that will have that passion that makes you feel you want to speak out. you shouldn't feel the need to speak out. the the doesn't mean anything to you. this is there right to do it and should feel empowered that they have more of a voice. if you're the sixth bench player on the warriors so with 140 characters you can make a strong statement and
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have any effect of people following you. >> why are serena and venus williams has been so hard for equal pay?. >> it takes awhile for osman touche catch-up and listen to those for women. that's stepping forward with billie jean king and i learned more about it through this book there was of big step forward in general. they want to give credit that billie jean king made the difference. there are millions of eyeballs on the match and to pay debt of gratitude in venus was the first female to win wimbledon and get the same amount as roger and
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they need to catch up applaud those fighting for that and there's still some to be had in other areas but hopefully catching up even quicker. >> even if you take serena and maria sharapova why do she makes a which more than serena?. >> good question. asked nike. that has always been frustrating to me because serena is possibly the best athlete of our generation without black or white or go qualifiers. >> she has won three times as many majors.
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>> and is a strong power full role model i am proud of my daughters want to be like her. then with madison avenue and have the ability to write those checks. >> what is madison avenue thinking? but maria sharapova has the look they are looking for. to sell clothes and watches and shoes fidelity save like the idea of the dredging her because she deserves everything that she gets but
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i think serena deserves even more that she gets a she's had to fight for what she has got. with madison sloan and others. >> it is the stigma. often in the coup a sport it did not get me of lot of street cried. it is fighting that stigma of. so if you want that will model? that is sorry scene was blown and medicine.
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females were following them know that transfers that success to inspire you people to be like to they want to be like. he sees that role model. for young african-american kids still saarinen's fetus -- serena and venus they are raising but if you don't have those role models it is tough to want to be like them. with those wanting to be like him. >> does said body with a label u.s. and african american tennis player?
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they don't say andre agassi agassi, a tennis player only if you're african-american does that bother you or on the tour?. >> it didn't bother me but a lot of people try to find their own ways to challenge themselves. so talking about tennis because i cut my hair i was a crazy kid with the of greasy hair and that it is abnormal. in the first african-american to do this. since arthur ashe. so that he is the first to do this and not always have
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to qualify for they don't have to put that in how well i'm doing. i made that my own personal goal. >> in the united states what does it take to be number one in the world?. >> to be number one in the states it is my best year ever 2006 of a court when i won five titles. it went by in the boiler two years after my father passed away so thinking about coming to play at all seemed like a monumental task the of the perspective i had how happy it was to be playing it is still took a lot and
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good scheduling in great matches. that has to come into place to for me to be marked ahead of andy roddick. but also to of the to get that title back. to be that number one great american and. also getting into hall of fame. with those strong american players is not the easy task >> but to hit number one what do you think that is?. >> it is bigger than it seems like getting a 18
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handicap is easier they go from scratch. it is tough to go from 50 to 10 then it is darn near impossible then some guy named roger kept taking the titles but what it did for me to be consistent number for made me more impressed to be number one in the world and then put a result after a result with called the grand slams. you have the of a target on your back every single match he said had he played? he
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said nobody plays bad against me they played their best because they have nothing to lose with no fear and they want to me you. so they can tell their kids they beat andre agassi that is so everybody felt playing roger that year to drop their to match that intensity it is very, very difficult why people struggle the first-line in the top-10 the taken for granted how hard they work to get there and fall back a little better. they are working harder than me. that isn't a easy task. >> some people would say you broke the law of physics you had aforehand 125 miles per hour. how was that possible? most
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people cannot even serve 125 miles an hour how you hit a ball or a forehand? even today many of the top players hitting 90 miles an hour everybody is blown away >> closure rise in swing hard and i remember that point because it was a match point i grew up close to hear all my friends were there so i had match point and pretty much i just had a of feeling where it would be he served exactly where i was looking served 3 feet
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from him he just walked up to the neck and shook my hand. it was exciting. what of the most memorable and to be crazy if the end is the feeling that to idleness the work that went into it. that is something i will always cherish. >> why do you thank you never won a major? many people said he would not only win one but many. but a phenomenal career, why do you think?. >> one word. roger.
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2005 would have been the story back coming back from singles and breaking my neck and got the chance with the good record but even if i had gotten there i wouldn't say no to use but it was complete and then the next year in and playing great tennis i got there and i remember looking i never look that far it ended may incident i felt all i don't want to do is play roger.
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please don't have given my quarter finals. anybody in the world but he was in my quarterfinal. i did play pretty well but it i honestly felt to buy had anybody else i thought i would win that match he was the only guy i felt when i played my best at my a best he was on a different level. gore wasn't as good as i thought i was our i didn't have that level he won that tournament pretty easily that was my best opportunity but then my knee started to bother me and i never felt the same on the court. >> it is one thing to hit a forehand negative 125 with talk about being alone the receiving and.
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your knees are acting up retire is nose serving close to 152 taken the line negative of james lake to possibly be pounded close to 150-mile per hour coming at you. >> yes. it is frustrating. >> suze bin quicker civic committee have to decide that scientifically it seems impossible. with "usa today" and then
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hitting a baseball. but when day break it down in that have a second decide is this kicking or sliding half rfa coming? cliff flew in from the afflicted afflicted flew fifth at the end of the you are mentally tired. >> you have this person standing across he claims he is 6-foot 10 inches some people claim he is taller than that. is in a flash or a blank?.
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>> i have to see that with andy roddick there is no time to think that all. you don't get to play tennis sometimes and then if you are in the right spot. and then there is the game. you just play well and don't even have the chance to swing but that is part of the game. and then to always balance that out. maybe that will get bigger.
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and everyone else got bigger. six clinton edges or 6-foot 11 inches. pope puffed up final notify belong there any more. >> tel d about what you would deal with such a hard challenge and diversity from the age of 13 through 18 by a severe. >> i feel like it is normal and that there wasn't anything different. that they don't know any different and that was normal to me. so every high-school kid feels they don't fit in.
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and that i take out my bag and put it back:that is something i did not think about until much later that they didn't have to be so excited. and also from a young age not to go to the traders hospital for crippled children. and for those that thought about playing a sport in quickly appreciate the ability to do that. and there really felt lucky to do anything that i could psoas some point learning
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life lessons in that taught me a lot about appreciating all the things. >> . .
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